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About Helen Johnson

I received a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, with a Somatic Specialization from the School of Holistic Studies at John F. Kennedy University. I have worked with both adults and adolescent clients. In addition to my master’s degree, I am a Certified Practitioner, from the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, and I have completed the Curriculum For Living at Landmark Education.

I  helped to develop, implement and led an anger management group for at-risk adolescent boys.  It has been through my personal journey, my coursework and my sitting with clients that I have developed an integrative approach to working with a variety of clients’ personalities. I have assisted individuals and groups in gaining insight into their life design and creating new possibilities for themselves. I also have 10+ years experience in retail management and have trained staff to enhance Customer Service to increase profits.


Vision Statement

My coaching  practices is about raising people’s consciousness and helping them become conscious creators of their own lives. I have developed a perspective in which I believe that it is through our relationships with others that we resolve distress, achieve our goals and grow. 

Through the process of coaching, you will deepen your understanding and acceptance of yourself, improve your performance and effectiveness, and enhance your overall quality of life. An important aspect of this process is the utilization of the client’s own unique gifts and talents. In this relationship I will help assist you in moving forward with your commitments while helping you achieve your objectives.  As a coach I will bear witness to your life, so that you can have a sense of self. 

In order to support this process, I utilize the healing dynamic of relationship, the use of your own personal creativity and body awareness. I will provide a space for you in which I encourage you to explore all aspects of yourself within a secure holding experience. I will draw on a combination of philosophy, education, intuition, and process to help you stay on track.


Mission Statement

  1. It is my belief that each of us comes into the world with a unique set of gifts and talents. Therefore our greatest contribution in life is our ability to utilize those gifts and talents.  It is my mission in life to help others reach their fullest potential so that they can live the life that they love and be self-actualized.
  2. No dream is right or wrong, too big or too small. One of my passions is to encourage and support others to follow their desires and dreams despite the discouraging messages they’ve received.
  3. Expressing our gifts and talents brings meaningful purpose to our lives.
  4. It is my belief that a lot of us get stuck in our past experiences—who we once were, what people told us about ourselves and therefore find ourselves limited by what we can do in the present and the future. By dropping our baggage from the past we are able to transform our life in the present, which has a direct effect on how we live the possibilities we create for ourselves in the future.
  5. It is a privilege to be someone’s coach.
  6. Coaches learn from and with their clients.  The coaching relationship is a learn/learn situation.
  7. Clients are, from the beginning, capable and able, yet they may not know it.
  8. My ultimate purpose in life is to draw on my passion, skills and experience to support individuals in living fuller, richer lives based on their own internal sense of who they are and what they want out of life.


  •   Curriculum For Living, Landmark Education, San Francisco
  •   M.A. Somatic Psychology, John F. Kennedy University, Pleasant Hill
  •   B.A. Psychology, John F. Kennedy University, Pleasant Hill
  •   Certified Massage Practitioner, Acupressure Institute, Berkeley
  •   A.A Business Administration, Merritt College, Oakland



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